Importing expansion
     instrument to improve
     production's quality and

   From 2nd,Nov. 2007 RoHS
     test report and the
     dissolution of sodium
     report (Japanese version)
     were provided online

To import expansion instrument for scientific control
Knowing the importance of thermal expansion impact glass lighting, my company in April 2007 bought from Germany an advanced thermal expansion Analyzer. Itˇs used for control of product development, production technology and process, effectively consolidating the stability of production, further enhancing the safety of products and product quality.

Dissolution of sodium report of products made from Opal material was in line with Japan's request
In order to meet Japanese products dissolution of sodium (also known as alkali dissolution)request and more Japanese customer needs, after a number of modified formula, our clear and opal glassˇs dissolution test result that issued by Japanses Stationery Safety Tests in line with requirements of relevant aspects of Japanese standards (Na2O less than 2.5 mg)
Test Report 1   2   3          

Most of products meet EU RoHS
In order to meet market demand, the company actively introduce advanced production technology, improved formula. Current white opal products, blown transparent material products, machine-made transparent material products, and a variety of lead-free painting products, reports by testing authority fully complied with EU RoHS
Transparent material products RoHS report  1   2         
Opal products RoHS report  1    2         
Transparent material and etching products RoHS report  1    2         
Transparent material and lead-free painting products RoHS report  1    2 

To replace the traditional fuel oil furnace by electric furnace
Till November 2007,the company has built three large full-fused glass furnace (electric furnace).

Electric furnaces use electric heating to replace the previously used fuel, coal-fired heating of glass melting technology. Electric furnace is easy to operate, precise temperature control, continuous feed, and other advantages .At the same time, electric furnace in glass liquid clarification has done a lot of technical improvements and enhance the overall glass of the thermal stability and evenness .It also played a active role of improving bubbles, stripes, purity, clarity, color .

Electric furnace liquid clear glass and crystal glass can be comparable to, and its all kinds of restricted substances (such as lead) content in full compliance with the EU RoHS is very low . The glass Japan called for the dissolution of sodium, mainly used in high-quality Sodium calcium glass (commonly known as hi-clear glass), such as: various types of clear(transparent) glass lighting accessories, clear gifts ,etc.
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  ZL080759 (2008/07/30)
  PL080755 (2008/07/30)
  LL080725 (2008/07/30)
  YZ080749 (2008/07/30)
  SF080761 (2008/07/30)
  YX080758 (2008/07/30)

   April,2007 imported a
     advanced thermal
     expansion instrument from
   April,2007 die workshop
     added a large CNC
     machine tool
   Feb.2007 the third electric
     furnace started
   October,2005 the first
     electric furnace started
   2004 replenishment of 5
     million Hong Kong dollars,
     reached 23 million Hong
     Kong dollars of company's
     total investment
   May 31, 1993 the company
     set up